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"The Wyld -

Dock & Bar"

3D Environment

Fall 2017

I wanted to design a scene based on a real life location, so I gathered several hundred reference photos and attempted to recreate this unusual restaurant situated in Savannah's marshlands! 


With modularity in mind, I created as few unique assets as possible to initially dress the scene (the shed is also the wood balcony and the dock, etc.) before going back in and adding in the unique decals and elements that give the place its great atmosphere. The most difficult part by far was figuring out how to texture design of the main structure exterior, which has distressed tiles all along the surface of its walls.


The final scene uses a mix of dynamic and baked lighting, with instanced foliage and vertex paint for the terrain deformation and material transitions.

Software Used: UE4, 3DS Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop

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